Oh hey Náttúrulega Gott,
Let's roadtrip around Iceland together and make some magic.

We've got a vision.

We take high - quality photos of your products being used on the road, how perfect it's for roadtrippers, vanlife and in a day to day life to give a sense of how the produtcs are used locally in Iceland.

We have a trip planned around Iceland soon and wanted to bring Náttúrulega Gott along! We would like to create photos of people enjoying the products from Náttúrulega Gott, creating a human connection and story for your incredible store.

We can also take advantage of the lack of tourists in Iceland at the moment. This rare opporunity allows us to create content in Iceland's most famous spots with your products in these locations.

This content can catch potential customer's eyes as they scroll through their social media accounts, which would lead to increased brand awearness and online sales for you.

For the next few weeks, we will be cruising around Iceland in our camping van, drinking delicious coffee, and eating good and fullfilling breakfast in the morning before heading out capturing photo and video content for your social media as well as promoting Náttúrulega Gott to our audience.

Photography is about storytelling;

It’s about capturing an experience. We found photography through our love of adventure, travel and exploration and feel there’s so much more behind every image than can be summed up through a single photograph. Through our work we try to capture the essence of the moment, expressing the atmosphere and emotions felt at the time to bring the audience along for the ride. In every project we aim to builda whole body of work that includes a variety of shots to capture the lifestyle and experience around the shoot.


Karen Gudmunds

I'm Iceland-born self-taught travel/landscape photographer, website developer and digital content creator with a passion for the outdoors and the wilderness. I am passionate about outdoor travel, lifestyle and female entrepreneurship. I love helping brands capture the essence of their personality and really telling a story through my work. My biggest passion is to circle Iceland promoting scenic hotels, unique brands & stunning landscape. My passion for photography goes beyond simply creating beautiful images. For me, photography is like a therapy that gives a sense of purpose and self-expression. With my work I wish to inspire people to go outdoors more so they can get a better sense of how beautiful out planet is and why we must protect it. By showcasing my adventure on social media, I hope to inspire people to take more alone time in nature for self improvement and healing.

Kyana Sue

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved the outdoors and adventure. My earliest memories are exploring the fields behind my house, riding my bike through the woods and carving out snow forts in the driveway. I got my first camera when I was 14 and as I got older and began embarking on bigger adventures in the outdoors, camera in hand. I’ve lived in the city and spent time in the hustle- and bustle of modern life. But I’m finding more and more that it’s the simple things that keep me grounded and at peace. Fresh air, sleeping outdoors, incredible views and discovering new places are all things that help keep me humble and grateful. It’s in nature that I feel most comfortable and refreshed and I take every opportunity I can to get away and spend some time exploring while capturing experiences.

From the streets of Reykjavik Iceland to the highlands, we want to see it all with
Náttúrulega Gott.


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